San Teodoro, dream holidays in San Teodoro

More and more families are choosing to spend their holidays in San Teodoro. This enchanting Sardinian seaside resort conquers all with its white and sandy beaches, crystal clear water and shallow waters, while the surrounding nature allows trekking lovers to treat themselves to unforgettable excursions. San Teodoro is quiet for children and provides equipped areas and numerous opportunities for recreation, but at the same time – thanks to the presence of nightclubs and discos in the surroundings – it attracts many groups of young people. The presence of wellness centers and the possibility of practicing all kinds of sports – from golf to water sports – complete the picture of what can be defined as a dream vacation.

On vacation to feel at home

When you go on vacation with your family, housing can become a problem. Hotels cannot necessarily offer the spaces and the intimacy of a home. The small house Mi.To 2. is able to satisfy even the most demanding people where in place of a hotel room you can have many comforts and freedom of movement. An elegant apartment located 350 meters from the center of San Teodoro will allow you to organize unforgettable evenings with your family or friends having at your fingertips everything you need: from the market to the pharmacy, from entertainment to cultural events .

Sea, excursions and fantasy

Not just the sea in San Teodoro. There is so much to see in Gallura. From the nuraghi to the passage of the Phoenicians and the Romans, up to the most recent centuries: archaeological sites, museums, monuments and churches testify a great artistic and cultural ferment in this land of wild nature. Moreover the possibility of making an excursion to the islands of La Maddalena. For your children, for example, a visit to the Garibaldi museum in Caprera will be very educational. In San Teodoro it is also possible to choose among many nature trails, such as walking towards Monte Nieddu. A visit to the Tavolara marine protected area is exciting and full of surprises.

Emotions, sport and free time

A holiday in San Teodoro is really complete, because you can really do everything you want. At the sea you can enjoy yourself diving, snorkeling and surfing, while on land in addition to hiking you can give yourself a refreshing round of golf. If instead you want to try new emotions then know that in this corner of Sardinia there is also an airfield, where in addition to experience on ultralights (following special flight courses), you can attend parachuting lessons. In the evening hours, a walk in the center of San Teodoro is a must, where you can take the opportunity to dine or eat ice cream with your children. Excellent shopping opportunities. Summer is also organized as an evening craft market.

San Teodoro alla sera

San Teodoro is located along the eastern coast of Sardinia and there are 18 white sandy beaches lapped by a crystal clear sea.

When you visit San Teodoro, you can’t help but fall in love with it. Thanks to the attractions of a town of almost 5000 inhabitants, but also thanks to its strategic location about thirty kilometers from Olbia, which allows tourists to make a beautiful tour of the most famous places in Sardinia. A place really suited to sea lovers, but also to those who want to learn about the traditions of small towns that hide a great history. San Teodoro is an excellent destination for holidays with children, but also for those seeking relaxation and for children, as in the immediate surroundings there are several discos. You never get bored, considering all the attractions that gravitate around San Teodoro, but at the same time keeping in mind the fact that it will be a very relaxing and relaxed vacation: we won’t have to deal with the full house and with the “elbowing” to try to grab a seat on the beach. Certainly San Teodoro is a good idea throughout the year.

Absolutely a lot of tourist attractions and things to see in San Teodoro: not only with regard to the typical and characteristic tour in the country and among its shops, its alleys and its inhabitants, but also as regards the real attractions that characterize this place. The town develops around the Church of San Teodoro di Amasea, built in the 18th century, is characterized by the traditional architecture of the lower Gallura and offers tourists first-class accommodation facilities, numerous tourist services and a lively nightlife including a famous market. Sardinian handicraft that animates the streets of the center in the evening. In the center of San Teodoro there is also a work by Luigi Castiglioni, avant-garde illustrator and painter, a mural depicting a fantastic seascape with the colors of the coasts and seabed in the surroundings.

The historic center of San Teodoro has very ancient origins and has preserved its original nineteenth-century appearance. Tourists can stroll through narrow streets full of craft shops and clothes shops or relax in the numerous bars, pubs or outdoor venues here.

Finally, don’t miss the famous evening market in the town, with the presence of numerous artisans and artists, and Piazza Gallura, the fulcrum of the social life of San Teodoro.

Enjoy a stroll downtown, among shops, stalls and outdoor venues. But it does not end here, because in the evening the center is transformed and emerges in all its splendor and fun.

San Teodoro was born and developed mainly around the parish church, built in the eighteenth century, in honor of the Holy Martyr Teodoro di Amasea. The center and the square Gallura, in front of the church, have been and remain the point of reference for our community throughout the year. Then in spring everything becomes more magical, with the reopening of shops, seasonal activities and the arrival of summer. The city center has essentially maintained the appearance of the past and still preserves historical features of Gallura identity. Examples are the buildings with wrought-iron lunettes above the doors, the typical balconies and the granite elements or the gabled roof.

First ‘mandatory’ visit is at the tourist office in Piazza Mediterraneo, the heart of hospitality of San Teodoro. The friends and friends of the office will be able to advise you on what to visit and discover to spend your holiday in the best way and do not forget to take the very useful map of San Teodoro.

The parish church which exhibits the coat of arms of Pope Pius XI on the façade worth a visit. In the early 1950s the ancient church was destroyed to make room for the new church completed in 1957, as you can see it today. The interior furnishings are instead the work of the restructuring of the 70s. Not far from the church you will find the Mural by Luigi Castiglioni, a well-known illustrator and avant-garde painter known in Europe and the United States. Castiglioni donated his mural painting to the community of San Teodoro some thirty years ago, inspired by the nuances and colors of our coasts and by the brilliant and luminous seabed. Hence the representation of the darting fish in the large frescoed wall. Today there is talk of a complete restoration project of the work, which would give full force to the fantastic seascape imagined by our never forgotten author and friend of San Teodoro.

Discreetly inserted among these ‘monuments’, in the morning or early afternoon, you will be lucky enough to meet another pillar of the square: the painter Salvatore Spano. With his spatula he will be able to enchant you and transmit you the love he has for this beautiful area that he has been painting and telling for thirty years.

You can then continue your walk through the shops, bars, outdoor restaurants and, on Friday mornings, visit the local market. If you can’t resist the call of the sea, you can pay a visit to La Cinta beach which is only 700 meters away.

San Teodoro by night

By day San Teodoro is a pleasant country, in the evening lights up even more and emerges in all its splendor becoming a pedestrian area. Here, until September, the famous Coclearia evening market takes place, which will brighten your walk, among colorful stalls, street artists and outdoor venues.